웹에 관련된 질문과 답변을 나눌 수 있습니다.

프로에서 비즈니스로 변경한후 메일을 보냈더니

아래와 같이 답변이 왔는데

어떻게 조치를 하라는 건지 모르겠네요;;

비즈니스로 변경했는데도 icn으로 변경이 안되었습니다

lax로 연결이되네요

도움좀 부탁드립니다


Rommy (CloudFlare)

Sep 19, 7:41 AM BST


Thanks for writing in.

We recently made some changes to our network routing that has effected how traffic is served for some of our Free and Pro customers.

CloudFlare traffic will always be served locally for all ISPs that peer with us, but not necessarily for traffic accessed (on outbound egress) only via an ISP that does not peer with us.

Despite being closer to one particular PoP you might find that your traffic is flowing through another one located further away. While speed performance for some of these customers may be reduced at times, all other CloudFlare benefits will work the same.

If you want to make sure you retain access to all CloudFlare transit providers worldwide, please upgrade to our Business or Enterprise Plan in your CloudFlare dashboard, under the Overview section

Let us know if you have anything else we can help with.

Thank you



Due to high cost of transit traffic in ICN, you may to contact our Enterprise team regarding having your traffic in Korea to be severed in CF ICN datacenter.

If you are interested in the Enterprise plan, you may want to contact our Enterprise team here:


Best Regards,

CloudFlare | Support Engineer

  • profile
    기진곰 2016.09.27 11:26:57

    아직 적용이 안 되었을 수도 있고요...

    그런데 메일 내용을 보면 Enterprise로 업그레이드하라는 것 같네요 ㄷㄷㄷ

  • ?
    SimpleCode 2016.09.27 15:48:44
    비즈니스 플랜으로 업그레이드해도 전산 상에는 바로 반영이 되지는 않는 모양입니다.
    메일 내용을 보면 뭔가 기계적인 답변 같기도 하고 아리송하네요.
  • profile
    이니그마 2016.09.28 10:53:11
    흠 예 기다리는 수밖에 없군요;;
  • profile
    이운영 2016.09.30 08:13:30
    프로 플랜에서도 ICN은 안되나보군요...
    ICN colo 아직도 적용안되셨나요?

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